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The Most Iconic Moments of 2023 FiFA Women World Cup

Thе 2023 FIFA Woman’s World Cup was an amazing tournamеnt filled with moments of joy, history-making achiеvеmеnts, and heartbreak – all mixеd together.

With 32 tеams participating, countries from across thе globе gathered in Australia and Nеw Zеaland from July 20 to August 20 to compete for football’s top prizе.

Many pеoplе consider this summer’s еvеnt as thе best Womеn’s World Cup еvеr.  The outstanding performances on thе fiеld and thе tremendous support from fans contributed to this acclaim.

It was a record-breaking tournament.  The numbеr of people attеnding thе matches and thosе watching from homе surpassed thе figures from the 2019 Womеn’s World Cup in France.

During thе four wееks of compеtition, almost two million fans went to thе stadiums across Australia and New Zealand – a remarkable achiеvеmеnt for women’s football.  Additionally,  tеns of millions tunеd in from home to watch thе thrilling matchеs.

Now, let’s take a look at thе 9 most significant, impactful, and еmotional moments from thе 2023 Woman’s World Cup that will be rеmеmbеrеd.

Spanish joy

In 2010, Andres Iniesta scored the winning goal for Spain against the Netherlands, securing their first-ever World Cup trophy in men’s football. Fast forward 13 years, and it was Olga Carmona’s turn to make history by scoring in a World Cup final, guiding the Spanish Women’s team to their maiden World Cup victory.

Throughout seven matches, the team scored 18 goals and showcased remarkable performances, leading to this extraordinary achievement for Spain. The moment they lifted the trophy into the Australian evening, with the world watching, was a dream-like experience, illustrating why so many people passionately play and adore this beautiful game.

Colombia stuns two-time champions Germany.

Colombia caused a major upset at the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 by defeating two-time champions Germany 2-1 in injury time during their second group stage match. Both teams had won their first matches but left the game with contrasting emotions – Colombia elated and Germany stunned. However, despite this triumph, Colombia’s 0-1 loss to Morocco and Germany’s 1-1 draw against South Korea in their final group matches led to both teams being knocked out of the tournament.

Sarina Bolden scores the Philippines’ first-ever goal.

Even though the Philippines couldn’t move forward in the tournament, they made history when midfielder Sarina Bolden scored their nation’s inaugural World Cup goal, securing a victory against hosts New Zealand.

Expressing her emotions, Bolden said in an interview, “It’s just so much to take in. It’s like a dream, it’s overwhelming. I can’t believe it’s real. But I’m incredibly happy and proud to achieve this for Philippine soccer.”

Nouhaila Benzina became the first hijabi player

During Morocco’s second match in the Women’s World Cup, Nouhaila Benzina, aged 25, became the first player wearing a hijab, a white religious headscarf, during the tournament. This coincided with Morocco’s first win, a 1-0 victory against South Korea.

Previously, FIFA had banned head coverings for religious reasons due to safety concerns. However, in 2014, they allowed such headscarves to be worn during matches. Benzina, who also plays for the Moroccan club Association’s Sports of Forces Armed Royal (AS FAR), was chosen to start in the crucial match against South Korea following Morocco’s earlier 6-0 loss to Germany.

Furthermore, the 2023 Women’s FIFA World Cup marked Team Morocco’s debut appearance, making them the first Arab and North African nation to represent their country in international women’s soccer.

Katie McCabe scores a goal from a corner

A fantastic moment unfolded as Katie McCabe of the Republic of Ireland scored an amazing goal directly from a corner kick. With impressive football prowess, McCabe skillfully curved the ball over Canada’s goalkeeper Kailen Sheridan, using her left foot, marking the team’s inaugural World Cup goal.

This remarkable goal allowed the Republic of Ireland to initially take the lead in their match against the Olympic champions. Despite Canada equalizing, Ireland managed to secure their victory with a goal in the 53rd minute.

 Morocco’s fairytale debut

In their very first FIFA Women’s World Cup appearance, Morocco’s journey turned into a fairy tale as they reached the Round of 16, marking the first time a debutant country achieved this in the tournament’s history. Initially facing a tough start with a 6-0 loss against Germany, Morocco bounced back, securing victories against South Korea and Colombia in their subsequent group stage matches to advance to the knockout round. However, their incredible run came to an end in Round 16, where France defeated them 4-0, concluding their memorable debut in the tournament.

 USA’s reign comes to an end

The US National Women’s Team aimed for a third consecutive title but faced disappointment as they exited the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in the Round of 16. The tournament also marked the end of an era for US star Megan Rapinoe, who announced her retirement after the competition. Despite barely making it to the knockout stage, the USA suffered a 5-4 loss in penalties to Sweden, who ultimately secured third place in the tournament.

Record crowd makes World Cup a success

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023, held jointly by New Zealand and Australia, set new attendance records. According to FIFA, a total of 1.85 million people attended the first 62 games, with an average of 29,888 spectators across ten different venues. This surpassed the previous average by 5,000 attendees; making this edition the most attended World Cup in history.

Miyazawa, the unlikely goal machine

Before the tournament, Hinata Miyazawa from Japan had only scored four goals for her club in two years. However, during the competition, despite Japan exiting in the quarter-finals, Miyazawa surprised everyone by becoming the adidas Golden Boot winner, scoring five goals in just five matches.